Sylvie designed my website and my entire business identity. Working with her is a supreme pleasure because she listens carefully and thoroughly. Her design solutions are consistently fresh, clean and innovative, and she manages to deliver all of this on time and within budget. Sylvie possesses a rare combination of sensitivity, abundant creativity and organizational skill.
– Sarah Robinson / Architect
. . . . .
Sylvie is a supremely gifted designer with an impeccable sense of style. She is graceful and a grounding force which is invaluable during a design project or branding process. She holds the big picture and yet is attentive to every detail. She is extremely efficient and her turn-around time is excellent. I highly recommend her and never hesitate to hire her for my clients.
– Gina Vucci / Marketing Communications, Creative Business Strategy, Development
. . . . .
I don't know what I would do without Sylvie! Her work is BEAUTIFUL and always conveys just the right message. Her style and eye for the aesthetic are impeccable. She helps me translate my weekly yoga newsletters and website into the perfect design imagery. Since working with her, my marketing is better, more consistent and on point with my brand. She is truly talented!
– Nikki Estrada / Yoga Teacher
. . . . .
I hired Sylvie to design my logo, letterhead, and web site. Her work is wonderfully creative and suits me and my company's personality perfectly. She listened well, delivered as promised, and was incredibly reasonable in her pricing. She and I worked entirely virtually and I hope to meet her in person soon. I recommend her to all my colleagues.
– Maura Grogan / Grogan Cornell
. . . . .
Sylvie Astrid has a sophisticated and elegant graphic style and she was able to capture my concepts easily and translate them artfully to design a first class website. She is a pleasure to work with - always creative with ideas and timely in her response. She delivers great concept, art and results with ease.
– Nancy Wolfberg / owner Wolfberg & Associates
. . . . .
I always look forward to working with Sylvie when I need a graphic designer. She asks great questions and gets to the heart of what the design needs to accomplish. Sylvie has a sixth sense for branding + identity. Her work speaks for itself : streamlined, stylish and eye-catching.
– Ben Hulan / UI/UX Designer FabCAD
. . . . .
I first met Sylvie on set, while filming classes for yogainternational.com. Not only is she a terrific model, with a beautiful asana practice, she also radiates style, grace, strength, depth, and intellegence that cannot be ignored. As creative director with Yoga International, I was THRILLED to discover that she is a graphic designer. Sylvie and I have worked together for nearly two years now, and will continue to work together for as long as possible! She produces beautiful, thoughtful, custom designs regularly for yogainternational.com. I trust Sylvie’s eye and design expertise implicitly. She provides me with exactly what I’m looking for, always with multiple options to choose from, always before deadline. I truly couldn’t ask for more. She is a true professional and a breath of fresh air.
– Andrea Killam / Creative Director, Yoga International
. . . . .
Sylvie Astrid is a gifted designer who produced a lovely and professional web site and letterhead for my private practice. She was patient with my lack of computer understanding and with my design questions, timely with her work and responsive to my varied requests. I was able to rely on Sylvie’s aesthetic sense, competence and creativity and at the same time request elements that were important to me, which she would incorporate. The finished product then reflected her style as well as mine, and was beautiful.
– Deborah Joy / MFT
. . . . .
Sylvie is a gifted and talented designer with whom I have worked with for over 20 years. She has done absolutely wonderful work creating all of my group’s promotional material, as well as our website. Her creativity and sense of aesthetic is remarkable and she is always extremely accommodating in getting work done in a timely fashion. She is an absolute joy to work with and I don’t know what I’d do withouther!
– Coleman Burke / Pride & Joy
. . . . .
I have worked with Sylvie both in a professional and volunteer environment, and the quality and excellence of her work never falter. Having worked with many talented graphic designers over the years I can honestly say Sylvie is one of the best I have ever experienced. She is clear with her content providers about what she needs in order to deliver superb designs. She is open and eager to receive input, incorporates edits quickly and effectively. Sylvie’s design work is clean, elegant, and on mark for its audience, no matter the target. I love seeing what she'll come up with next!
– Alice Ostrovsky / Teacher
. . . . .
Sylvie is an outstanding collaborator and has regularly supported my print and web design needs. She does remarkable work for my business and work on behalf of my clients. I am always proud to present her product to my clients. She is detailed, her rates are fair and she delivers as promised. Sylvie is also easy to work with, personable and always exceeds my expectations.
 – Tom Hehir / owner Aspire Consulting
. . . . .
Sylvie created a beautiful website for my consulting business- and years later, I continue to get compliments. Working with Sylvie is easy and efficient, and I value her creative eye and judgement.
– Helene Roos, Pys. D. / HDA Consulting
. . . . .
Sylvie has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a great eye, and a beautiful design and color aesthetic. She is creative, innovative and enthusiastic. She collaborates and always goes the extra mile to be sure the project and results are fabulous.
– Johanna Malen / Amber Pearl
. . . . .
Sylvie is precise and organized, yet her creative skills are superlative. She is a business woman and designer in one, what a great combination to find!
– Natalie Mitchell / Umbria Homes
. . . . .
Sylvie is one of the most talented and gifted designers I know. I first worked with her in 1998 or '99 and have worked with her at least once a year since. Recently, our company has relied on Sylvie's work to help us create Web and print designs for our showcase sites and launch party print material. Given the fact our company is a new solutions provider within a new and explosive industry, design is a critical component to understand what we do... all delivered assets look incredible.
– Ariel Wada / Pure Verticals

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