The email design I’m proposing for Senior Care Authority is shown at left on a white background. The layout is simple, but if you consistently supply great content and stick to the design guidelines suggested, I think Senior Care Authority's clients will come to really trust the content and its source.



  Until recently, standard email templates used a width of 600 pixels for their banners. However, many pros suggest that number is no longer relevant, so I've gone with a 650 width in the design at left.


  As you mentioned in our 12/21 conversation, creating a new image for each email is not an option. Instead, I located a lovely image of our versatile & on-brand cherry blossoms that I think works well in this environment.

  In lieu of new banner images, I recommend a new title for each email (shown here in Baskerville font at 36 point) that succinctly represents the content within.

  Since we have a title, I don't think a greeting is necessary.

  Body copy is in a clean sans serif (shown here in Helvetica font at 17 point with 25 leading) to contrast the title. Instead of using a bold font for different sections, use all caps to designate headers.

  Any images added for a particular email should not exceed the width of 650 pixels.

  I suggest signatures remain simple so as to avoid looking too business-y.


  Keep the franchisee contact information in a softer color as a footer below the bottom line. Along with the simple signature, this is easier on the eyes and helps things to feel more personal and friendly.

  I suggest all other contact info along with social media and general company information should also be in a softer color and below the line.

  Can SeoSamba’s advertising be removed from the footer of the email?