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Fresh Creative for Healthy Lifestyle Brands


Stevie Marlis, Brand Writer

Sylvie Astrid, Brand Designer

Target Clients

People who do well while doing good (what does doing well mean?)

All things

 – natural,

 – organic

 – about health and wellness

 – part of healthcare industry

 – holistic

 – integrative

 – biodynamic

 – sustainable

 – green

 – regenerative

 – Products and services healthful for people and the planet

 – B-Corporations 

& Clients

Athletic Brands: Athleta, Nike

Aromatherapy: Illuminations Living by Candlelight from Chronicle Books


CBD: Vital Code


Chiropractors: Azzolino Chriropractic Neurology and Integrated Wellness


Dentists: Lakind Dental Group


Diabetes Specialists: Ryan Attar ND


Electric Bicycles: Blix


Environmental Health: Bioneers, City of Nogales (Recycling Program), Healthy


Building Network, Rudolf Steiner Foundation, Women’s Voices for the Earth

Fitness Clubs: Five Point Fitness

Healthcare Industry


Healthcare Innovators: Leverage Health Venture, Catalysts


Healthcare Insurance: Health Directions 


Integrative Medicine Practitioner: Gloria M. Jackson, MD


Juice: People’s Pressery, Virtue Juice Bar


Memory Care: Village Song (Music Therapy Training for Musicians and Therapists)


Natural Beverages: Noonetime Naturals, Just Chill Drinks


Natural Beauty: ZIA Skin Care, NewDay Essence, DHC Skincare


Natural Food Stores: New Leaf Community Markets


Natural Foods: Buddha Salt, The Epic Seed, Nosh, Little Spoon, Chosen Foods


Naturopath and Nutritionist: Ryan Attar ND


Organic Bedding: Coyuchi


Organic Coffee: Deep Valley Biodynamic Coffee, Mighty Leaf Tea


Organic Flowers, Organic Bouquet, Organic Style,


Organics: Edem Foods, Garden Creamery, 9 Organics, Inspire Organics


Physical & Movement Therapist: Loo Movement


Regenerative Organizations, Alliance for Regeneration


Sleep Wellness: Sleep Studio, Rubin Naiman PhD, Sleep Specialist


Health and Social Justice: Nogales County Development, Tides Foundation, Tohono O’odham Nation (Youth Suicide Prevention), Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Superfoods: VivaPura 


Supplements: WellCorp, Tonic Health Shot


Sustainable Architecture: Archiventure, Zero Impact Architecture


Sustainable Developments: Three Canyons


Therapists: Barry Cooney, PhD, Therapist


Urban Farming: Fairfax Backyard Farmer


Vegan Products: Filbert, Vegan Luxury Goods,


Yoga: Sol Studio, Yoga Business Revolution

Target Clients

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