Senior Care Authority Brand Guidelines

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Warm, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy

Senior Care Authority’s brand is a reflection of its enduring values:  A history of helping families find solutions for their loved ones.   Our simple yet elegant official seal represents what sets us apart from the rest:  An absolute dedication to supporting seniors through some of life’s most challenging times. Our confident, unvarnished, and trustworthy brand encapsulates what makes us great and what sets us apart.

The following Brand Guidelines outline how franchisees can implement the Senior Care Authority brand. Please follow these guidelines, as they are intended to promote consistent use of the brand in a way that’s easier for people to recognize Senior Care Authority without confusion and protect the Senior Care Authority intellectual property.
The Senior Care Authority brand includes the Senior Care Authority name, logo, tagline, colors and other features associated with Senior Care Authority and services.

> Keep enough space around Senior Care Authority brand assets to keep them clear and uncluttered.

> Maintain the shape and proportions of the Senior Care Authority logo and any brand assets.

> Reproduce assets at a legible size.

> Capitalize the words “Senior Care Authority,” except when part of a web address.

> Use old versions of the brand assets.

> Incorporate the brand assets, or anything confusingly similar, into other trademarks, domain names, business names, logos or similar content.

> Use the brand assets in merchandise or other products such as advertising, clothing, hats or mugs, unless approved by Senior Care Authority headquarters.




The Senior Care Authority logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space equal to half the logo width. This area of separation is a minimum and should be increased wherever possible.

Make sure that the the Senior Care Authority logo and tagline are reproduced at a legible size (this includes your email signature). If necessary, you can use the logo without the tagline to retain legibility.

You can download the Senior Care Authority logo here, offered in various formats and without the tagline. We ask that you not make any changes to the logo.


Color Palette


Color is a powerful means of identification. We aim to keep SCA's brand feeling warm and trustworthy by using the following color palette.  Consistent use of our primary colors will help build recognition for SCA and helps to set us apart from competitors. Our Senior Care Authority gold and walnut colors are the iconic elements of our color palette. Other colors should be used sparingly with consideration. The SCA logo should always sit atop either a white or gold background. 









The typeface used in the Senior Care Authority logo is P22 Johnston Underground and the tagline is set in Cambria Italic.  

The typefaces used on the Senior Care Authority website are Open Sans and Georgia - a combination created for maximum readability.  

For your use, all fonts can be downloaded here.





Photography is a valuable tool in inspiring meaning and connection in Senior Care Authority’s marketing.  Ensure that all imagery sits comfortably with the look and feel of the Senior Care Authority brand.  Do not contradict or conflict with the warm and trustworthy brand values. Ensure that the highest possible qualities (high resolution, attractive cropping) are upheld.  Keep photography natural and appropriate for the content you're sharing.



This guide is intended to make communications more impactful, clearer, and recognizable as Senior Care Authority. The more unified we are in our communications, the more we reinforce our unique brand.
For additional assistance with Senior Care Authority branding, please reach out to Sylvie Astrid.